Banking crisis, market bubble, turbo capitalism: by now, even renowned conservatives have their doubts about our system. A political antipole, however, is nowhere to be found, a quarter of a century after German real existing socialism declared bankruptcy. For us – the later born ones, grown up in the age of victorious capitalism, and socialised on the playing field of world history – the system question never posed itself: history is written by the victors. The word “socialism”, robbed of its romanticism and utopian connotations by Stalin and Honecker, has been haunted by negative undercurrents since. A stigma which the political left, especially in Germany, has been suffering from until this day: “pinkos and do-gooders,” favourite topic of a callous comedy-cynicism. The ideological 20th century is long since over in Central Europe. Yesterday’s offended dreams are met with irony, the charge of nostalgia is used deliberately to insult. Vocabularies are disowned of their meaning, are transferred into the political lingo of the Merkel era. But can capitalism be overcome without emotion? Are we still capable of political empathy or merely of outrage?

Inherited dreams in the times of market-compliant democracy.

FINIS TERRAE is not a search for answers, but a filmic hunt for a feeling, the Troy of our generation. Offended dreams. A journey around the world in quest of a lost utopia. A romantic manifest from a leaden era without alternatives.




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